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Millionaire Money Game

…attract prosperity in less than 10 mins a day!

“Wealth consciousness is so much more than simply having the ability to make money. It’s a mindset that involves seeing life, not as a struggle, but as a magical adventure where our needs are met with grace and ease. Wealth consciousness is a state of mind, a sense, not of believing, but really knowing that what we need is available to us”
Richard Carlson in ‘Creating Affluence’ by Deepak Chopra

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The Millionaire Money Game is far more than just a ‘fun little game’. It is an extremely empowering process to allow you to open your body, mind and spirit to the abundance and wealth that is available to everyone – including YOU!

If you are like most people, all you have learnt about how to make and acquire money is a tiny part of a very big and exciting picture.

There is an easier and far more enjoyable way to create wealth in your life than working, working, working or doing, doing, doing.

How you ‘think and feel’ about money is actually what causes you to have, or not have money in your life.

“What we’re after in Prospering is nothing less than a major shift in consciousness – in the attitudes, beliefs, and ideas you have about yourself and your relationship to money”. Jerrold Mundis

The amount of money (or lack of it) in your life is directly related to your ‘comfort zone’ around money. We’ve all heard of people with no money winning the Lottery, and after a few years they end up with nothing once again – because their comfort zone around money had not expanded with their winnings. We’ve also heard of the Millionaire that loses everything, only to have it all back and more a few short years laters – again, because they already have a very high comfort zone around money and therefore easily attract it back into their life.

This comfort zone may be exactly what is holding you back from achieving the financial freedom you would like to experience in your life!

Through the Millionaire Money Game, you can expand your comfort zone while having a WHOLE LOT OF FUN at the same time!

About The Millionaire Money Game
Rather than working your way to wealth, you will achieve the success you desire so much quicker if you feel your way to Millions

That’s right – FEELING your way to Millions.  Because you can actually begin to create the circumstances in your life through your thoughts and through your feelings.

The goal of the Millionaire Money Game is to expand your consciousness around money.  Through the game you will discover the joy of not only receiving it, but also spending it.  Money is an energy, like everything else in the Universe, and you have to allow it to flow easily out of your life if it is to easily flow back into your life.

“The more easily you can receive, the more easily the universe can give to you.”  Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

You will discover during the course of the game how to increase that flow of abundance easily and effortlessly.

I am a certified Prosperity Mentor and have been teaching Millionaire Mindset principles around the world for many years.  Although my clients come to me from 108 diverse countries around the world such as Australia, Zambia, England, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Brazil, U.S.A, Ireland, Denmark and New Zealand, there is one thing they all have in common – the desire to live a life of free from financial struggle.  To experience the effortless prosperity and abundance that is there for us all.

One of the first things I share with them is the discovery through the science of quantum physics that has proven that everything in this Universe is ‘vibrating’.   The most simplistic explanation of this is… if you could put anything, even inert objects like rocks or paper, under a strong enough microscope, you would see tiny energy packets ‘vibrating’.

It is now also understood that thoughts, feelings, and words also vibrate and send out those same energy particles or vibrations. Those vibrations or energy then attracts like energy – we’ve all heard ‘like attracts like’. This principle is known as The Law of Attraction.

So basically, if you want to attract more wealth and prosperity into your life, you must send out thoughts of wealth and prosperity.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, if it’s so easy, then where is the money in your life right now?  You see, what often happens, is you experience lack and limitation around money, you then focus on that, then that becomes the vibration or energy you send out and you attract that back into you life, therefore creating more of the same.. and then you wonder why your life continues down the same path of lack and limitation year after year.

Whereas, if you could learn how to focus on wealth, abundance and prosperity, you would then automatically begin to attract and create more wealth, abundance and prosperity in your life.

Deliberately Attract Money
You are about to discover there is another way to bring money into your life!

You are going to learn how to totally shift your financial comfort zone and deliberately send out the vibration or energy of attracting lots of money, as well as have lots of fun while doing so. The result is, you will then begin to attract more money into you physical world.

That’s what the Millionaire Money Game is all about!

I have been teaching these principles around the world for the past 5 years through live teleconference workshops. Now YOU can learn straight from your computer!

When you play the Millionaire Money Game you take part in a weekly game where you have more and more money flowing to you each week in larger and larger amounts (as originally shared in the Abraham-Hicks teachings at

Although this maybe ‘just a game’, when you immerse yourself by using your imagination, emotions and thoughts to enhance your experience of the Millionaire Money Game, you will shift your financial comfort zone and begin to attract to yourself greater and greater levels of abundance and wealth.

How will The Millionaire Money Game work?
The Millionaire Money Game is valued at over $247, although participation in this game is currently FREE and anyone can sign up at: Free participation may, or may not change for future games. For now – enjoy at no cost!

The Millionaire Money Game is an email game that will run over 6 weeks. The game itself will be sent to you each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each game typically has from 1,000 – 5,000 participants – with people from countries all over the world including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, England, France, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, UK and the United States. We LOVE the diversity of our international community and welcome with open arms like-minded prosperity seekers from all corners of the globe.

The basis of the game is that you will receive a letter from the Bank of the Universe three times a week which will be automatically delivered directly into your inbox. This letter will detail how much money has already been deposited into your bank account on your behalf. Of course this won’t be ‘real’ money, but I want you to believe it is real money, feel that it is real money, get as excited as you would if you were receiving REAL money!! As you will discover during the course of the game – THIS is the secret to then actually attracting money into your ‘real life’

You are then to go through your day looking for ways to spend and use this money on things that make you heart sing. I ask that you aim to empty this account by the end of each week. The idea is to experience the thrill of being able to attain your desires through spending each day (far better than letting the money sit in the bank).

Each time you make a purchase, write a short note on the back of that day’s letter to remind you what you were paying for, and what about it made your heart sing. The more details about your feelings – the better! It is feelings that create your world, I will explain more about how this occurs during the course of the game.

I will give you some suggestions on how to spend your weekly amounts, however it is totally up to you how you spend and enjoy your money (with spending and enjoying being the main focus of the game itself!)

If you have anyone who might enjoy creating additional wealth in their life – friends, family work colleagues etc, please feel free to invite them to this website to join in the fun.

As Napoleon Hill states in Think and Grow Rich:When two or more like-minded individuals get together, a mastermind alliance is created”. This mastermind allows you all to unleash the power of group energy and amplifies your prosperity experiences. In other words, the more people involved, the more prosperity and abundance we all create, not just as a group, but individually. So invite EVERYONE you know to join the Millionaire Money Game today! Cut and paste the link above into an email to them, so they too can enjoy the fun!

The amounts you receive will increase week by week during the course of the game from $1000 to over $1 million dollars – now believe me, receiving a million dollars is a whole lot of fun!

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Instructions For Playing the Millionaire Money Game

How to play the game…

Get Ready for the Fun!
There are a number of ideas for you to ready yourself for the game and to play it. Some people will prefer to just receive their ‘cash’ and then think about how they will spend it. If that’s the case, there isn’t too much preparation required. Others (like me) like to be more pro-active. Although not absolutely necessary, the more you commit, the more you ‘play the game’ the more your results will be amplified.

I highly recommend taking the following steps to really integrate the game into your daily routine. Purchase a 2 or 3 ring binder – this will be your Millionaire Money Game Binder. Print off your weekly e-mail letters when they arrive and place in your binder. (For even more authenticity, you may like to place that day’s letter in an envelope where you will easily find it; in your mail box, on the kitchen table, next to your computer. Open it as you would any other letter – feel the joy as you discover the gift inside). Then, take the time over the next day or so (before your next letter arrives) to write down what you chose to spend that allotment of money on.

Your Millions
Each week you will receive three email letters from the Bank of the Universe with a specified amount that has been deposited into your account for you to spend. Of course, while this is not ‘real money’, I would like you to spend it in your mind as if it were.

Your email letters will arrive at a different day, depending on where you are around the world.  Either Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (if you are in North America) or Monday, Wednesday and Friday (if you’re in Australia, NZ, Asia)

Abraham-Hicks teaches with smaller amounts daily, but as our game (but not your prosperity) is for a limited time, you will receive larger and larger amounts over the 6 weeks – starting at $1000 and increasing consistently through to $1,000,000 as follows:

Sun/Mon         Tues/Wed         Thurs/Frid
Week 1 –         $1,000             $2,000
Week 2 –         $6,000
            $8,000                $10,000
Week 3 –      
$20,000           $40,000               $60,000
Week 4 –       
$80,000          $100,000             $200,000
Week 5 –     $400,000          $600,000             $800,000
Week 6 –

If for any reason you don’t get an email, we’ll send you a link to the archive so you can access all the letters, audios and everything you need so you can still play the game and raise your prosperity consciousness!

As I have been teaching my clients for years – if you want the Universe to give you your desires, you need to place an easy to understand ‘order’.

Make it easy for the Universe to deliver, by getting clear on exactly what it is you want. You will discover as the days go by, how challenging it could actually be to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (now this is the sort of challenge we enjoy!). Make it easy for yourself by immediately preparing a list of at least 50 or more things you would buy if money were no object. Don’t put limits on your choices, have fun, think big. This list will be invaluable for spending ideas as you progress through the game.

Build your Desire
Attracting what you desire into your life comes from a combination of getting clear on what it is you want, and feeling a passion or inspiration of how you will enjoy that thing in your life. This can be a lot of fun! Look through magazines, catalogues, browse the internet, go window shopping. Understand that the more you desire something and know that is can be yours, the faster you allow it to be attracted into your life.

Spending your Money
The aim of the game is for you to ‘spend’ the money each day and week to buy whatever your heart desires. To purchase (in your mind and heart) whatever brings you happiness. To use your money in whatever way makes your life a joy. Beyond your hearts desires, happiness and joy, there are no guidelines. Sounds like fun??

The beauty of having this money coming in each week is, as you go about your usual day, as you come across items, products, events etc that you would normally have to ignore or go without, you can actually ‘buy’ these things. If you don’t have enough money that week to purchase that thing, make sure you write it down on your wish list to purchase later in the game as the amounts coming to you grow and grow.

As well as having a lot of fun spending this money, you will also become more attractive to money in the real world – not physically attractive, but magnetically attractive. That’s right, as you play the game, you will begin to see more money flow into you life!

Although the game is based on metaphysics, you are not required to understand these metaphysical principles for the game to actually work (I am sure you don’t fully understand how the law of gravity works, but I bet you’re still planted firmly upon the earth). Although if you are like me and want to know the ‘hows’, I will be sharing insights over the course of the game so you can understand the science behind this powerful experience.

You will gain so much more from the game (both mentally AND financially) if you take the time to track how you spend your money each week. This helps you to focus on not only the money coming in, but the money going out – the continual flow of abundance that you are tapping into.

“A world of Abundance surrounds you, if only you will step up and claim it” Ralph Marston

The aim of The Millionaire Money Game is shift your energy around money; to change your prosperity conciousness at a vibrational level. Therefore, if you have any pre-conceived notions on how money MUST be made or MUST be spent, you will have to let it all go to truly re-awaken your prosperity consciousness and create a whole new financial future.

Spend, Spend, Spend…
To receive maximum benefit from playing the game, try to ‘spend’ all of it, or at least something each and every day. The goal is for the money to be spent by the end of every week, rather than sit in a bank doing nothing! It’s alright if you miss a day now and again, as long as you catch up at some time during the game (although I will keep sending you more anyway!). It’s preferred that you keep up to date with your weekly spending as much as possible. The aim is to believe and KNOW that the flow is unlimited, and always available to you!

You are changing your prosperity consciousness forever! The game is about YOU being open to RECEIVING more. It is also about ACCEPTING more and knowing you DESERVE more. It is also about RELEASING and letting that money flow out again. So please, spend, spend, spend on yourself during the game – and of course enjoy!

You will begin to attract more prosperity and abundance into your life when you FEEL it is coming – so enjoy and immerse yourself fully in the game!

Make sure you share your successes with us all as it inspires others to believe anything is possible, and of course, once you believe anything is possible, then – IT IS!

Make sure you read the Frequently Asked Questions Page too.